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Nitric Acid Asam Nitrat -
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Nitric acid or nitrous oxide hno3 these chemicals have many uses in the field of industrial uses is for steel passivation or stainlesteel after fabrication process is complete before use to store certain chemicals in addition to gold processing chemicals it is the raw material for ammonium nitrate in addition to the other uses for synthesis organic dyes the cellulose nitrate polyurethane metallurgy steel etching picklingand others

These chemicals have the chemical formula hno3 and these chemicals is a highly corrosive acid based on nature of nitric acid is classified as one of the dangerous chemicals or b3

These chemicals are a kind of corrosive liquids are colorless and is toxic which can lead to a solution of nitric acid burns by nitric acid content of more than 86persen referred to as fuming nitric acid and can be divided into two types of acidic acid nitra

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